TalentCenter Haderslev (TCH)

It is not a question of chance!

At TalentCenter Haderslev we expect you to take an interest in your own future as well as your everyday life in our environment made for young people who will commit themselves to doing their best. We expect you to dream about developing your talent as far as you can with a serious attitude to sport as well as school. We make demands – but you will benefit proportionately. In return we offer an environment full of possibilities to cultivate your talent: talent housing, gold standards for training and a competent resource team including a co-ordinated schoolday at one of the secondary schools in Haderslev.

Become your own best coach

A course that will teach you to become a top performer in so many ways other than just sport – that is what our qualified coaches will take care of.

The first year as an athlete at TCH will take you through three basic courses in sport-nutrition, sport-psychology as well as sport injuries and prevention of injuries. The know-how you get on these courses will form the basis of the teaching and education that will follow in the next years at TCH.

Having finished the three basic courses you will join workshops and courses in sports-psychology and sports-nutrition. This will give you an even better understanding, qualifications and means to develop and handle your talent.

At TalentCenter Haderslev we appreciate that you become “the complete athlete” which implies that you become able to assess your own talent and development, from being a talent in the youth league to what you probably dream about: top athlete at a senior level.

Haderslev municipality is a so-called municipality for élite sports, with whom we have a solid teamwork. They provide experts and good mediators as well as exciting and relevant courses – for both you and your parents.